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David & Louisa J. (Swinnerton) Olney

Olney Family collage from Martha Olney (top left), to David & Louisa Olney & their 16 children on their 50th wedding anniversay in 1904 (top centre), to David & Annie Olney & family on the steps of their home in Yea in 1901 (centre),
to Arthur & Doris Olney & their 4 children. George & Harriet Montague parents of Annie Olney (top right). Put together by Joy Olney in 2003.

The following extract is from "The Family of Charles and Martha Olney" compiled by Keith R.Collyer Page 24.

David Olney migrated from England with his parents Charles and Martha Olney, arriving on the  "Medway" at Point Henry, Geelong on 9 August 1849 as assisted immigrants.

Charles Olney, farm servant, 44 years, went to Geelong.
Martha Olney, housekeeper, 43 years, went to Geelong.
Elizabeth Olney, daughter, 20 years, went to Geelong.
Charles Olney, son, 18 years, employed by J.Highett of Barabool Hills.Salary 15 pounds with rations.
Francis Olney, son, 16 years, employed by Mr.Hutchinson of Geelong. Salary 10 pounds with rations.
David Olney, son, 14 years, employed by Mr.Beamish of Point Henry.  Salary 9 pounds with rations.
John Olney, son, 12 years, employed by Mr.Hutchinson of Geelong. Salary 7 pounds with rations.
Emma Olney, daughter, 9 years, went to Geelong.
William Olney, son, 8 years, went to Geelong.
Martha Olney, daughter, 5 years, went to Geelong.
Phoebe Olney, daughter, 2 years, went to Geelong.

The Swinnerton family including Louisa arrived at Melbourne on the "Wallace" in November 1841. 
David Olney and Louisa Swinnerton married 25 December 1854 in Geelong.

David Olney went to Ballarat - dates unknown  
      David & Louisa Olney family photographs

David Olney (1834 - 1912) and Louisa Olney (1837 - 1920)
David Olney 1834 - 1912
Louisa Olney 1837 - 1920

David Benjamin Olney 1855 - 1920
Charles Olney 1856 - 1926
Letitia Olney 1857 -1937 or Margaret Olney 1860 - 1914
Margaret Olney 1860 - 1914 or Letitia Olney 1857 - 1937
Martha Olney 1861 -1922
Thomas Olney 1862 -1947

William Olney 1863 - 1941

James Olney 1865 -1946

Arthur Olney 1873 - 1948

Annie Louisa Olney 1879 - 1958 and Elizabeth Olney 1881 - 1944
David & Louisa Olney celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on 25 December1904 with 16 of their 18 children. Phoebe died aged 6 and Frederick lived only 9 weeks. (David & Louisa were married in Geelong on 25 December 1854).

    Ballarat New Cemetery    

David Benjamin Olney of 14 Magpie Street, Ballarat was buried on 10 May 1912 at Ballarat New Cemetery, Private "A", Section 7, Row 1, Grave 29.

Louisa Jane Olney (nee Swinnerton) of 14 Magpie Street, Ballarat was buried on 16 August 1920 along with her husband.

Their daughter Margaret Burnett of Southwark, South Australia was buried in the same plot on 3 April 1914.

Peter Olney at grave site of David & Louisa Olney and their daughter Margaret. Photo taken 2002.

Elizabeth Jane Olney of 15 Pleasant Street South, Ballarat was buried on 28 March 1944 at Ballarat New Cemetery, Private "A", Section 6, Row 2, Grave 31.

Annie Louisa Olney of 15 Pleasant Street South, Ballarat was buried on 11 February 1958 at Ballarat New Cemetery Private "C", Section 3, Row 1, Grave 36.  Her body was exhumed on 3 October 1958, (8 months later), and Annie was buried aalong with her sister Elizabeth Olney in Private "A", Section 6, Row 2, Grave 31.  Annie's original grave is still vacant.

Joy Olney at grave site of sisters Elizabeth & Annie Olney. Grave in forground is David & Louisa Olney. Taken 2002.

14 Magpie Street, Ballarat. The home David Benjamin Olney lived in until his death on 10 May 1912.  Louisa lived here until her death on 16 August 1920.  Photo taken 2002.
Joy Olney visits 14 Magpie Street, Ballarat - home of David & Louisa Olney.  Photo taken 2002.

Peter & Joy Olney take Larry & Anita Olney (from Canada) to visit 14 Magpie St, Ballarat June 2003.
Olneys meet at Ross & Barbara Olney's home June 2003.

Robert Olney, Ross Olney, Larry Olney, David Collyer, Lindsay Collyer, Peter Olney June 2003.
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