Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The 90 Grandchildren of Charles and Martha Olney

The above charts are from "The Family of Charles and Martha Olney" compiled by Keith R.Collyer Pages 28 - 34.

The pages have been scanned so the quality is not too good, but the best I can do.

Please note: Ross Olney is the keeper of the Olney family tree.  If you have information that needs to be corrected or added to, please contact Ross by email -

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These blogs have been written as another way of sharing the Olney family history with those interested.  They do not cover all branches.  My interest primarily is the the "David" Olney branch.

Peter and Joy Olney were fortunate enough to visit England in 2007 and visited many of the churches, places, villages, houses written about in the books by Keith Collyer and A.Gordon Keys.  More recent generations in Australia are also included in the Olney Family Archives blog.

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  1. I absolutely love this bog; so much information and I am sure there's a connection to my family, which descends from the Olney's at Westoning.