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Doris Moss and her extended family

I trust that you have read the Posts on "Arthur & Doris Olney", "Doris Moss, Napoleon & St. Helena" and "Doris Moss, Convicts & Norfolk Island" before coming to this Post.

This year has been one with lots of researching and some very exciting discoveries. In the above mentioned posts, I posed some questions, hoping for some answers. Well, I have had some answers, so rather than adding the new information to those Posts, I think it best to start another Post, hence the name "Doris Moss - as discovered in 2014"

To recap a little:
Matilda Smith married Arthur Glasson in 1892 and they had 3 children - Leonard, Winifred & Lionel.
Arthur Glasson died January 1892 in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Who brought up Leonard, Winifred & Lionel when Matilda married Clement Moss?
Matilda Glasson (nee Smith) married Clement Moss June 1894 in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Doris Moss born June 1896 in Nelson, New Zealand.
Claude Moss born August 1898 in Adelaide, Australia.
Matilda Moss died October 1898 in Adelaide, Australia.
Who brought up Doris & Claude after their Mother died & Clement went to England?
Clement Moss married Emily Swift September 1913 in England and they had 4 children - Vera, Clement, Cyril & Kathleen. 

This blog helps to address some of those questions.

      Clement & Emily Moss and family

Through my research I had discovered that Clement & Emily Moss had 4 children.
Vera Emily Moss born 6 October 1914 in Essex and married George Ames and had 2 daughters.
Clement Frederick Moss born 10 June 1916 in Edmonton, Oxfordshire and married Ingegerd Iwarsoson and had 4 daughters. Clement died 1996.
Cyril Herbert Moss born 25 July 1919 in Edmonton, Oxfordshire married Julia Joyce Gibson 1942 and had one son and 2 daughters. Cyril died 2005.
Kathleen Marjorie Moss born 6 December 1922 in Edmonton, Oxfordshire married Henry Wood and had 3 sons.

With just one male grandson to carry on the Moss name, I asked a cousin of mine to look up a phone book, as I had an indication of an area close to London where they could live.  Low and behold, the grandson of Clement Moss answered the phone call!

To my absolute delight I discovered Clement's daughters Vera and Kathleen were still alive. Last May Sue Whiting (nee Olney) visited Vera (100  on 6 October 2014) and Kathleen (92) in England.

It is interesting to note that the English Moss family did not know their father, Clement George Moss was previously married (1894) and widowed (1898) and had 2 children  - Doris (1896) and Claude (1898) from his first marriage to Matilda. They are coming to terms with the events that have unfolded this year (2014) which have bought the Aussie & English cousins together.
What did Clement Moss do after his wife Matilda died in Adelaide in 1898?  It seems that Clement went with the Australian Military Contingent to the Boer War in South Africa 1899 - 1902, remaining in South Africa until 1908, before emigrating to United Kingdom.

Kathleen (92) and Vera (100 on 6 October 2014).

Clement Moss - father of Doris, Claude, Vera & Kathleen.

Claude Clement Moss
Doris Gwendolyne Olney (nee Moss)

It is interesting to see the likeness between Clement Moss, and his children.

More about Clement George Moss as told by family archival documents

There are stories of his trading activities with various tribes, the Zulus, the Basutos and others.  Old photograph albums contained many photographs from his travels in their territories. He was able to speak the Zulu language quite fluently.  The family had a demonstration of this during a visit of performing Zulu dancers to England.  After their performance they came round with collection boxes, and Clement gathered quite a crowd of curious onlookers when he started conversing with them in their own language.

It seems Clement acquired a reputation as an amateur singer, and there was a collection of his old concert programmes, where he figures under the pseudonym of "George Clements".  There was a pile of his old music, with ornately and artistically inscribed monograms bearing this name or that of "C.G.Moss".  These were mostly well-known ballards and popular concert pieces of the time. He played his own accompaniment on the piano for some of his songs. 

It is thought Clement entered into a second marriage, reputedly to the daughter of the Mayor of Johannesburg. According to oral family history, his second wife died in childbirth, with a daughter surviving and being cared for by others of the family. I have not been able to confirm that story, but it is interesting to note that it sounds like the story of Matilda (his first wife) dying 10 weeks after giving birth to Claude. Both Doris and Claude were brought up by other family members.

Clement Moss married Emily Swift on 1st September 1913 in London. Clement became a Proprietor of one or more confectioner's shops in the Dalston area in North London.  A health breakdown, including the development of Goitre, caused him to give this profession.  He was rejected for Army service at the outbreak of 1914-1918 war on health grounds.  In June 1916 Clement entered into employment with Armour & Co. in London as a Clerk and remained until 1932 with the responsible position as shipping clerk in their canned meat export division.

Clement developed pneumonia with convalescence persisting for about six months before recovery. Not long after this he developed jaundice and was found to have a tumor, a carcinoma of the head of the pancreas.  This had already spread to involve the surrounding organs, and further treatment could only be of a pallative nature.  Deterioration was rapid, and he died on 25 February 1933, aged 60 years.

This year I have had contact with the children of Clement Frederick Moss. Ulla and Veronica have been thrilled to learn about their Australian family. Ulla has contributed this short account of her father's life.

Rev Dr Clement Frederick Moss, OBE

Clement Frederick Moss was born in London, UK, on 10th June, 1916. His father - Clement George Moss - died when Dad was 16, so he had to stop his schooling to take care of the family. He learned a lot of trades, such as drawing in an architect's office and car maintenance at a big car dealer's firm. He was apparently very eager to learn everything he could and was always reading, so was affectionately called "the bookworm". After further studies at Cliff College Bible Seminary, he sailed to India in 1939 and worked with a Methodist Mission as an evangelist. He studied hindi, urdu and marathi and travelled on horseback, visiting villages and getting to know the locals, as well as evangelising. However, the mission was recalled due to financial problems related to the war and Clement was invited to work for the Swedish Mission working in the neighboring district. This invitation resulted in his meeting his future Swedish wife and thus staying on in India for another 40 years.

Clement and Agnes Ingegerd Iwarsson got married at the end of 1942 and in January set up home in a small, jungle village where they lived for several years, working together as preacher, small-scale medical workers (though no real training as such) and helping out where they could. Clement studied the tribal language - gondi - worked out a written language for them and translated St John's gospel into gondi. In 1948, he published a Grammar of the Gondi Language, which became an integral part for ethnological and linguistic studies in Sweden, UK, USA and other countries. He was also ordained as Minister of the Swedish Church that year.

In 1950, he enrolled at the Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, north India. After teaching himself basic medical care and having taken a few minor courses, he felt he needed a qualified training to be able to meet the medical needs in the area to which he intended to return. Since qualifying in 1954 and returning to Central India, he worked as both Pastor and Doctor until 1980.

The family moved to a jungle village called Padhar, in 1958. Clement turned a small dispensary into a small hospital, which kept on growing and developing over the years. By the mid-60s, Clement began planning a completely new hospital. With help from different organisations and an English architect, this new 200-bed hospital was built and inaugurated on 5th March, 1970. It has continued to develop in many fields and has become well-known.

Alongside this, Clement planned and developed a Water Development Project, which started in 1970. Over a period of several years, tube wells were drilled in many villages in that area, as well as many other parts of India, providing pure water for thousands of people.

Clement became aware of the increasing need for care of blind children and opened a small home for these children in 1972, in one of the old hospital's buildings. This work grew and the care of multi-handicapped children was included and in 1980, the new School and Rehabiltation Centre for the Blind (SRCB) for this work was inaugurated.

In 1973, Clement was awarded the OBE in recognition for his tremendous work in India.

Ingegerd Iwarsson & Clement Moss married 1 January 1943 in Sagar, India
Clement & Ingegerd Moss at baby Solveig's christening 1950. Valerie on left, Veronica on right.

Moss family - l-r Solveig, Valerie, Veronica, Ingegerd with Ulla and Clement.
Padhar Bungalow, India in 2007

Claude & Marjorie Moss and family

I am still to discover why Clement and Matilda Moss left New Zealand and ended up in Adelaide, Australia in 1898.

Claude Clement Moss was born 10 August 1898 in Adelaide.  His mother Matilda died on 23 August 1898, just 10 weeks after giving birth to Claude. Why?  Matilda was buried at West Terrace Cemetery in Adelaide.

Claude was brought up in New Zealand by his father's eldest brother Valentine Moss. Valentine and Elizabeth Moss were married in 1884 and had no children. Exactly when they took on the responsibility of bringing up Claude is still unknown. Valentine died 27 December 1912 in Westport, New Zealand where he was the local Bank Manager. Claude was only 14 years old when he lost his step-father, his father had gone to England to start a new life, and his mother had died when he was just 10 weeks old. A tough start to life. Claude and his step-mother Elizabeth, are recorded as living in Wellington from 1919. To Claude's credit he faithfully looked after Elizabeth Moss until her death in 1933. In her death notice Elizabeth is recorded as Claude's mother.

It is interesting to note that Clement's youngest brother Gilbert Williamson Moss (1873 - 1958) married Ellen Mary Breen in 1899 in Victoria. They had 3 children Amy (1900), Walter (1902) & Gilbert (1903) who were a little younger than Doris (1896) and Claude (1898). Did the cousins know about each other?

Claude Clement Moss and Marjorie Huia Shepherd were married in 1926 in New Zealand. They had just one child, Barry, born on 16 October 1930.

M.Huia and Claude Moss
Claude Moss with son Barry

M. Huia Moss with son Barry
Claude Moss with son Barry

Marjorie Huia Shepherd was born 13 April 1896 in Headington, Oxfordsire. Huia and her older sister Gwen came to New Zealand with their parents when very young children.
1919 Electoral Rolls: Claude Moss and step-mother Elizabeth Ellen Moss were living at 170 The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand.  Landsalesman. 
1928 - 1933 Electoral Rolls: Claude, Huia and Elizabeth Moss living at 55 Kainui Rd, Wellington.
1936 - 1949 Electoral Rolls: Claude, Huia and Barry Moss were living at 55 Kainui Rd, Wellington.
6 October 1950 Claude, Huia & Barry Moss travel from Wellington to Southampton on "Akaroa". 
1954 Census: 38a Broadesbury Rd, NW6 MAIda.
1955 Census: 29 Grendon, Outer London.
1960 - 1972 7 East H I Wenbley. 
Huia Moss died in 1972 in Brent, England.
After Huia died Claude returned to New Zealand.
1978 -1981 Electoral Rolls: Claude was living at 19/7 Duncan Tce, Miramar, Wellington. Retired. 

Claude Clement Moss

Claude Moss' War Records:
9 September 1918 Claude Moss No.88334 signed up in Christchurch with 1st New Zealand Expeditionary Force (N.Z.E.F.) for WW1. He served for 4 1/2 months. 
Claude served with Territorials for 10 years and N.Z.T.S. for 1 year 11 months prior to Attestation on
30 December 1941 when Claude Moss No.69403 transferred to 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force (N.Z.E.F.) with 35th Battalion. It is noted that Claude's father was recorded as Valentine Rofe Moss and mother as Elizabeth Ellen Fricker (the couple who brought him up after his birth mother died in 1898. Valentine was the eldest brother of Claude's birth father).
2 January - 6 July 1942 Claude served in Fiji.
Home address: 55 Kainui Rd, Haitaitai, Wellington.  Next of Kin: Marjorie Huia Moss.
7 July 1942 - 14 September 1944 Clement continued to serve in WW11.
Claude Clement Moss died at War Veteran's Home in Levin 18 September 1989. 
Buried at Returned Servicemen Avenue Cemetery, Levin. Location R.S.A. Block, Ashes Plot 124.

Claude Moss' Attestation on 30 December 1941 for 2nd N.Z.E.F.
Captain Claude Clement Moss No.69403, 2nd N.Z.E.F., WW11, 35th Battalion died 18 September 1989

Homily to Claude Moss, died 18 September 1989 at Levin.
Delivered by Mr.Doug Dalton at St.Mary’s Anglican Church. Rev. Richard Garner officiating.  

It has been our family’s privilege to have known Claude Moss.  He was a true Christian and a very patriotic New Zealander, being born in Australia, but coming to New Zealand as a very young child with his parents who settled in Christchurch, later moving to Wellington when Claude was in his teens.

During the First World War he joined the Territorials and survived the bad flu epidemic of those days when he was the only survivor in his crowded ward.  Claude was a man of many talents and interests who was just as comfortable on a Golf course, hunting in the vast N.Z. bush which he loved, or standing on a Concert stage singing in his very fine baritone which won him many accolades and awards during the 1920’s ,1930’s and 1940’s. 

He married Marjorie Shepherd – Huia – in 1929, and their only child Barry was born in 1930.  Claude was a very active member of the Wellington Savage Club.  In 1950 Claude and Huia, with Barry, travelled to England, Huia’s birthplace, with the express purpose of furthering Barry’s career in music as a talented pianist and composer. 

When Huia died in 1972, Claude decided to come home to N.Z. where his heart had always been, regrettably leaving behind his son and two grand-daughters who still reside in London. He once told me he would work his passage back home on a ship if need be even though he was 73 years at that time. But age was never a barrier to Claude as he kept remarkably good health and over 10 years he helped with the elderly sick patients at Ewart Hospital, walking backwards and forwards from his flat at Kilburnie every week day, rain, hail or shine.

Mention must be made of Claude’s army career. He joined in 1940, rising to the rank of Captain.  He was in command of a New Zealand Expeditionary Force stationed in Fiji for 2 years prior to being reappointed Assistant Adjutent to Papakura Military camp.  The Fijians thought so highly of him that they presented him with their ceremonial whale’s tooth – their highest honour and one which is not freely bestowed and usually kept for the royal family.

Claude was very close to his Maori friends and spoke of them often.  He spent many happy holidays in later life with his boyhood mate Mick Jones, wife Karu and family on their farm at Otorohanga. His expertise in Maori carving was unusual for a Pakeha, and his interest in the Maori language and folk lore was very pronounced.  He created some very fine carvings under the tuition of the late Matty Reha of Paramata.  His flat was full of books, carvings and photographs – evidence of his love, respect and great interest of the Maori people since his youth.  

One of his favourite proverbs seem fitting today:
Kua Hinga to totara haere haere.  A mighty tree has fallen farewell, farewell, farewell.

This document was supplied by Geoff Green (dec) and Roger Knight, with thanks.

Footnote by Joy Olney in 2014: Claude’s mother Matilda Moss died in Adelaide 10 weeks after giving birth to Claude on 10 August 1898. His father, Clement Moss, went to England and married again in 1913. Clement fathered another 4 children. Claude was brought up by his father’s eldest brother Valentine Moss in New Zealand. Claude had a sister, Doris Moss born 1896, and brought up by the Glasson family in Australia. Visit Olney Family Archives, and click on the Moss blogs for more information.

son Barry Moss 

On 6 October 1950 Claude (52 Secretary), M.Huia (52 Housewife) and Barry (19 Musician) Moss boarded "Akaroa" at Wellington, New Zealand for Southampton, England as Barry won a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music in England.

1958 "The Chesterian" Barry Moss has given us a very fine Op.3 in his "Essay" for strings. 
1958 Barry Moss: "Essay" for strings, commissioned by the New Zealand Music Society, this is written in a modern dissonant style, but is clear enough in design and quite well written. 
1958 "The Monthly Musical Record" Barry Moss: "Essay"  This is a solid piece.......will be most effective in performance.
27 December 1961 "N.Z.Herald"  New Zealand composer Barry Moss, currently working in London as a music copyist, has received a commission from the Wind Music Society, London, following on from his twice winning the Royal Philharmonic Society Prize.  In 1957 the New Zealand Music Society commissioned his "Essay" for strings which was first played at Wigmore Hall, conducted by fellow New Zealander John Matheson.

Barry Moss married Eliane Gabrielle Courchelle in March 1954 in Willesden, England. They had 2 daughters, Marina born 1955 and Erica born 1957.

Barry was a Studio Manager and then became a Newsreader with British Broadcasting Commission on "World Service London Calling" from 1966 - 1990. 
BBC's web site comments about Barry Moss: Other interests are music, languages and mathematics.  Born in Wellington where his father still lives.  He came to Britian in 1950 to study musical composition and stayed.  Barry drifted out of music and joined the BBC as an announcer in 1966.  He now lives in London with 2 daughters who share many of his interests.  He is a Buddhist and is interested in Oriental philosophy and religion.  He says he questions the principle of a consumer society, as accepted in the West and as spreading to the East, and describes his hobbies as music of all kinds ......and silence.

Photo taken 1993 - Barry Moss 16 October 1931 - 28 March 2008 in London

Barry Moss retired early due to ill health and died 28 March 2008 in London at 77 years of age.
Eliane Moss died January 2008 at 78 years of age.

July 2014 a descendant of Claude and Barry Moss found my Olney blog while "googling" around. To her surprise and mine, she did not know that Claude had a sister, Doris Gwendolyne Moss brought up in Australia by another family, and/or his father Clement George Moss settled in London and started a new family.

 Doris Moss 1896 - 1915

I have continued to research what happened to Doris Moss after her Mother died in 1898.
Doris spent some time in Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne. She was NOT a Ward of the State. Doris was admitted 10 June 1903. Fees were paid by her step-mother for her upkeep from July 1903 to December 1904. Who was her step-mother? Where was Doris living before and after those dates?

Doris Moss at Abbotsford Convent July 1903 - December 1904

Abbotsford Convent - photo taken 2014

Family have said that when Doris became a Grandmother she wanted to be called "Narnie" as she had someone who she affectionately called "Narnie" in her younger life. There was also a very special Aunt Gweny. How do I find a "Narnie" and an Aunt Gweny without a surname?

I turned to the family of her mother's first husband - the Glassons, and found a "Narnie" and Aunt Gweny! They were the sisters of Arthur Evelyn Glasson, Matilda Moss' first husband - Lucy Maud Mary Glasson, known as Maud, Spinster, and affectionately known as "Narnie" by Doris Moss (see Death notice below). Gwendolyne Nona Robertson (nee Glasson) was the Aunt Gweny.

Lucy, the wife of Rev.Henry Glasson, Maud ("Narnie"), Gwendolyne (Aunt Gweny) and another sister, Gladys, were living at 15 Mair St, Brighton Beach over a number of years. Both Gwendolyne and Gladys were widowed young with children to bring up.  It seems the home was well occupied with different members of the Glasson family, including Doris Moss.  St Leonard's Church where Doris married was nearby.

Doris Moss and Arthur Olney were married on 16 March 1915 at St Leonard's Presbyterian Church, Brighton Beach, Melbourne. Because Doris was only 19 years of age, a Declaration of Marriage with a written consent was necessary. This was signed by John Wilson J.P. of Brighton.  Doris' Profession - Governess. Residence - 15 Mair Street, Brighton Beach. Witnesses - Lancelot Owen Glasson, E. Olney and Winifred E.Sheppard.

Marriage announcement 14 April 1915 in "Argus".
Marriage Olney - Moss.  On the 16th March 1915 at St Leonard's Presbyterian Church Brighton Beach, by Rev.Hume Robertson BA, Arthur Edgar Olney, 2nd son of David and Annie Olney of "Lipson", Elm Street, Hawthorn (late of Yea, Victoria) to Doris Gwendolyne Moss, daughter of Clem and the late Tilley Moss, late of New Zealand.  Present address St.Johns Avenue, Camberwell.

It is known that Doris was working "next door" when Arthur and Doris noticed each other. Arthur was building a house. If Doris was a Governess when she married, perhaps she was looking after children in the house "next door".
Marriage Certificate of Doris Moss and Arthur Olney 16 March 1915

Doris and Ruth were very good friends. Ruth was a Cook. Could they have worked together as a Governess and Cook?  Ruth was married to Mr.Vane for a short time.  They had a daughter Isobel who never married. Electoral Rolls show us that Ruth and Isobel Vane lived in Sydney from at least 1922 - 1968, and then moved to Queensland. Ruth was a Pastry Cook 1936 - 1943.

"Narnie" and Aunt Gweny lived together in a farm house "Glan-y-mor" at 137 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, according to the Electoral Rolls from 1931 - 1937. That house was on a parcel of land that Arthur Edgar Olney owned from about 1929. Arthur built six houses on individual blocks he owned along Springvale Road, Glen Waverley. These included 131 Springvale Road, where son Keith and Marjorie Olney lived, 135 Springvale Road, where son Roy and Olive Olney lived, 143 Springvale Road, where Arthur and Doris Olney lived. 145 Springvale Road was built by Arthur later. Son Allan and Nancy Olney lived in 12 The Ridge, Glen Waverley, a house built by Keith and Roy (with Graham).

Glasson family - Myrtle first left, Jessie 4th from left, Doris Olney left of the pole, Gwenda Olney sitting on rail far right hand side. The family gathered at Balaclava to farewell Ethelind Craig (nee Glasson) as she returned to England (1938?)

Glasson family - Gladys, Gweny with son Lionel & daughter-in-law Viola either side, Maud (Narnie), Doris standing 3rd in from right, Nancy Heath with son John on her left. Probably taken at 137 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley where Narnie & Gweny lived 1931-1937.

Glasson family - Gweny with son Lionel & his wife Viola, Gladys, Doris & Arthur Olney standing right hand side. Sitting Nancy Heath & Maud (Narnie).  Probably taken at 137 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley with Dandenong Ranges in the background.

Can anyone identify the different members of the Glasson family in these photos - taken about 1931?

Rev. Henry and Lucy Glasson

Henry Glasson was born 26 September 1828 in Falmouth, Cornwall, England and died 12 February 1906 at "Koorootong", Mornington, Victoria, Australia.  He married Lucy Lewis, born 19 April 1836 in Chiddingford, Godalming, Surrey, England and died 2 May 1913 in Hawthorn, Melbourne. They married 8 September 1852 in Falmouth. Rev Henry Glasson was a Church of England Minister.

Lucy's father, Thomas Arundle Lewis Esq.of Saint Mary Abbott, Kensington, Bachelor, and Emma Gardner of All Souls, Mary-le-bone, Minor, were married at All Souls, Langham Place, Mary-le-bone by Licence and with the consent of John Gardner the natural father of the said Minor, the First day of July 1832.

Rev.Henry Glasson 1828 - 1906
Lucy Glasson 1836 - 1913

"In loving memory of the Rev.Henry Glasson B.A.H.M. who died 12th February 1906 "He giveth his beloved sleep".  Also his beloved wife Lucy who died 2nd May 1913.  Both in their 78th year."  Rev.Henry and Lucy Glasson are buried at Cheltenham Cemetery, Church of England Section, Grave 150. Also in that grave is Joseph Archibald Henry Glasson, son of Archibald Lewis and Ada Glasson born 1884 and buried 22 January 1891.

Together they had 13 children: William Arundel Glasson (1854-1925), Arthur Evelyn Glasson (1856-1892), Archibald Lewis Glasson (1857-1899), Lucy Maud Mary Glasson (1861-1938), Ethelind Nest Glasson (1863-1945), Herbert Arundel Glasson (1866-1931), Gladys Sybil Glasson (1868-1939), Henry Peter Glasson (1870-1929), Gwendolyne Nona Glasson (1872-1946),  Alleyne Lionel Glasson (1873-1876), Amyas Arundel Glasson (1876-1960), Lancelot Owen Glasson (1877-1943), Alleyene William Cecil Glasson (1878-1960).

Rev Henry Glasson was presented with the "Baltic" Medal on 24 March 1857 for services as a Chaplain on ship "Imperieuse" in the Crimean War 1845-1855.

Rev.Henry and Lucy Glasson left England and went to New Zealand in about 1874 with 10 children. Three more sons were born in Christchurch 1876 - 1882 and 3 year old Lionel died 1876.   Arthur Evelyn Glasson married Matilda Louisa Smith 5 February 1880 in Christchurch, New Zealand and died there in 1892. Archibald Lewis Glasson married Matilda's sister Ada Clara Beatrice Langford Smith in 1879 and died in Menzies, Western Australia in 1899.  Herbert Arundel Glasson died in Christchurch, New Zealand 13 June 1931.

Rev.Henry Glasson was a Church of England clergyman at St Matthew's Anglican Church in Gundy near Scone, New South Wales (Diocese of Newcastle) about 1890, and around 1896 he was at Christ Church Anglican in Sofala and Hill End in Diocese of Bathurst. Daughters Gladys and Gwendolyne married men in Petersham, Sydney in 1885 & 1899 but were widowed early and came to live in Melbourne. We do know that Rev. Henry and Lucy Glasson, Maud and Alleyne were living in Box Hill, Melbourne in 1903. Rev.Henry Glasson died in 1906 in Mornington, Victoria.  The family moved to 15 Mair Street, Brighton Beach where Henry's wife Lucy died in 1913. The home continued to be used by the family for many years. It is thought that Doris was taken in by Rev.Henry & Lucy Glasson after her mother Matilda died, so probably lived with the Glasson family in New South Wales and Victoria before marrying Arthur Edgar Olney in 1915.

"National Advocate" (Bathurst) NSW on Wednesday 14 October 1896.
 A Sofala Clergyman Bankrupt - In the Bankruptcy Court today the examination was held of Rev.Henry Glasson.  He said that he was a clergyman of Sofala.  He had been bankrupt six years ago at Scone.He did not obtain a Certificate.  His bankruptcy was caused by his stipend being so small, about 150 pounds a year.  Questioned about his wife's money he said that he did not know what she had.  He was astonished when he heard of his debts.  The bankruptcy was caused by the extravagance of others.  The creditors of the estate did not wish to examine, and the examination was declared concluded.

16 February 1906 "Sydney Morning Herald"
Glasson - February 12th at "Koorootang" Mornington, Victoria, the Rev.Henry Glasson B.A. R.N. late of Sofala and Hill End, New South Wales aged 78 years.  Inserted by his loving son Lancelot Owen Glasson.

24 February 1906 "Auckland Star" New Zealand.
The death has occured at Mornington, Victoria of the Rev.Henry Glasson at the ripe old age of 78 years.  The deceased clergyman was for 18 years Anglican Chaplain in the Royal Navy and held several cures in New Zealand and Australia in bush centres, where his learned and faithful ministrations will be long remembered, especially amongst the poorer classes.

13 May 1913 "Star" New Zealand
Obituary - Mrs.Glasson.  The death occurred at Melbourne on Friday last of an old resident of Christchurch, Mrs.Lucy Glasson, aged 78, widow of the Rev.Henry Glasson, Chaplain of Royal Navy and one time Vicar of Avonside.  The deceased lady, who was a daughter of the late Captain Thomas Lewis RN. leaves 9 children, 38 grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

Lucy Maud Mary Glasson ("Narnie")

Lucy Maud Mary Glasson was born 6 January 1861 at Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland and died 4 July 1938 at her home, 13 Sandringham Rd, Sandringham. Maud never married.

15 June 1907 Maud Glasson (46) sailed to London.
1914-1924  Electoral Roll - Lucy Maud Mary Glasson was living at Mair Street, Sandringham.
1931-1937 Electoral Roll - Lucy Maud Mary Glasson (Spinster) and Gwendolyne Nona Glasson (widow) were living in Springvale Road, Glen Waverley.

Death notice for Lucy Maud Mary Glasson confirms she was the "Narnie" in Doris' life.

Lucy Maude Mary Glasson born 6 January 1861 in England, died 4 July 1938 in Sandringham.
Death Notices – “The Argus” Tuesday 5 July 1938 Page 10.
Glasson: On the 4th July at her residence, 13 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Maud, eldest daughter of the Rev.Henry Glasson RN and Mrs Glasson, loved sister of Ethel (Mrs W.D.Craig), Gladys (Mrs Gorrie), Gwendolyne (Mrs Robertson), Launcie, Amyas and Alleyne, aged 77 years.  In God’s care. (For Funeral arrangements see Wednesday’s Argus).
Glasson: On the 4th July, (passed peacefully away) at Sandringham, Narnie, the beloved aunt of Doris, Arthur, Keith, Roy, Allan and Gwenda Olney.  Ever remembered, sweet rest.
Glasson: On the 4th July at her residence, 13 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Maud Glasson, loving aunt of John H.Hubbard of Brighton Beach. Sweet rest.
Glasson: On the 4th July at her residence, 13 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Maud Glasson, loved aunt of Nancy Heath (Camberwell).  At rest.
Funeral Notice: “The Argus” Wednesday 6th July 1938.
Glasson: The friends of the late Miss Maud Glasson are respectfully requested to follow her remains to the place of interment, Cheltenham Cemetery, Charman Road.  The funeral is appointed to leave her late address, 13 Sandringham Road, Sandringham THIS DAY (Wednesday the 6th July) at 11am, arriving at Cemetery at 11.20am.  Bathurst and Decker (late A.I.F.)  Funeral Directors Cnr. Glenhuntly and Kooyong Roads, Caulfield Phone L5337.

Maud Glasson (Narnie) was buried with her parents at Old Cheltenham Cemetery, Church of England section, Grave 150.

Lucy Maud Mary Glasson died 4 July 1938 and buried at Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery. Also buried in the same plot - Joseph Archibald Glasson 6 year old son of Archibald & Ada Glasson who died 1891.

Gwendolyne Nona Robertson nee Glasson (Aunt Gweny)

Gwendolyne Nona Glasson born 26 January 1872 in Potterspury, Northamptonshire, England and died 11 October 1946 in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia. Gwendolyne married Dunca Arthur S. Robertson in 1899 in Petersham, Sydney, New South Wales. They had a son Arthur Struan Lionel Robertson born 1900 in Hurstville, New South Wales. Known as Lionel Robertson.
1908 Gwendolyne and son Arthur Lionel moved into 15 Mair St, Brighton Beach.
1919 Electoral Roll Gwendolyne Robertson was living at 15 Mair St, Sandringham.
1924 Electoral Roll Gwendolyne & son Arthur Struan Lionel Roberetson were living at 15 Mair St.
1931-1936 Electoral Roll Gwendolyne (Aunt Gweny) Glasson and Maud (Narnie) Glasson were living in (137) Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, Melbourne.
1942 Gwendolyne was living at 15 Kelburn Street, Balaclava with Viola Emily Robertson.
14 October 1946 "The Argus" Robertson - On October 11 Gwendolyne Nona, of 19 Kelburn Street, Caulfield, widow of late Arthur Struan Robertson and loving mother of Lionel & Viola (daughter-in-law) and beloved gran of John and Philip, youngest daughter of the late Rev.Henry Glasson, B.A. R.N. aged 74 years.
1950 Index of Wills and Administration: Gwendolyne Nona Robertson of 19 Kelburn Street, Caulfield, widow, died 11 October 1946 at Cheltenham.  Probate to Arthur Struan Lionel Robertson. Bank Teller. Son. Effects 1170 Pounds, 13 shillings, 7 pence in England.  Sealed in London 13 April 1950.

son Arthur Struan Lionel Robertson (known as Lionel) 

1931 Electoral Roll Lionel & wife Viola Emily Robertson were living at 13 Beavis St, Balaclava.
1936 Electoral Roll Lionel Robertson was living at 64 Carlisle St, Balaclava.
1937 Electoral Roll Lional and Viola Emily Robertson were living at 15 Kelburn St, Balaclava.
1942 Electoral Roll Lionel Robertson at Union Bank, Swan Hill. Teller.
1949 Electoral Roll Lionel and Viola Robertson were living at 19 Kelburn St, Balaclava.
1954 Electoral Roll Lionel Robertson was living at 3 Glentilt Rd, Glen Iris.
1954 Electoral Roll Viola Emily Struan Robertson was living at 53 Elizabeth St, Malvern.
1963 Electoral Roll Lionel & Viola were living at 3 Glentilt Rd, Glen Iris. Bank Official.
1968 Electoral Roll Lionel, Viola & Philip Robertson were living at 3 Glentilt Rd, Glen Iris.
1972 Electoral Roll Lionel, Viola & Philip Robertson were living at 3 Glentilt Rd, Glen Iris.
1977 Electoral Roll Lionel & Viola Robertson were living at 3 Glentilt Rd, Glen Iris.
1982 Arthur Straun Lionel Robertson died at Glen Iris, aged 82.

 Gladys Sybil Gorrie nee Glasson

Gladys Sybil Glasson was born 1867, baptised 19 January 1868 in Sherborne, Dorset, England and died  2 November 1939 in Hampton, Melbourne, Australia
First marriage in 1885 to Percy Edward Hubbard (born 1863) in Petersham, New South Wales.
Together they had 4 children: Gladys L.Nest Hubbard born 1889 in Ashfield, NSW. John Hugh Lionel Hubbard born 1894 in Grafton, NSW, died 1947 Bairnsdale, Victoria. Nancy Gwendolyne Maud Hubbard was born 1892 in Randwick, NSW and died 1957 in Hastings, Victoria. William Craig Hubbard was born 1901 in Kogarah, NSW and died 1954 in Olinda, Victoria.
Gladys was living at 15 Mair Street, Brighton Beach with her children about 1910.
It appears Percy deserted Gladys after the birth of William - between 1901 and 1911. Percy appears in the 1911 England & Wales Census living in the home of his sister Elizabeth Hubbard and listed as "married".  Percy died in September quarter of 1924 in Camberwell, Surrey, England.
Gladys & Percy were divorced on 20 August 1912.

Second marriage on 13 January 1913 Gladys Hubbard (nee Glasson), a "widow" with 4 young children, married Archibald James Gorrie (1884 - 1918) in Brighton (15 Mair Street, Brighton Beach).

Archibald Gorrie's War details:
2 April 1917 Archibald Gorrie, a School Teacher, 32 years, enlisted in 8th Reinforcements, 33rd Battalion, No.3300. Next of Kin: Gladys Sybil Gorrie, 3 Gordon St, Brighton Beach.
27 April 1917 Archibald enlisted for service abroad in Australian Imperial Force.
16 July 1917 Archibald left Sydney for England.
4 March 1918 Archibald left England for France.
31 March 1918 Archibald was wounded in Action.
18 May 1918 Archibald rejoined the Unit.
22 August 1918 Archibald Gorrie was killed in action, in the Field.
Buried Bray-sur-somme, France. Plot2, RowJ, Grave13.
9 October 1923 Gladys sailed to England (presumably to vist her husband's grave in France).
Archibald received Victory Medal D56932, British War Medal 57932, Star Medal 1914/15.

1914 - 1918 Electoral Roll Gladys was living at 15 Mair St, Brighton Beach, Victoria.
1924 - 1937 Electoral Roll Gladys was living at "Seaview" 3 Gordon St, Brighton Beach.

Gladys S. Gorrie died 2 November 1939

daughter Nancy Hubbard

Nancy Hubbard married Jas Roberts Heath (1884 - 1937) in 1913 in Victoria.
1914 - 1931 Electoral Roll Nancy & Jas Heath were living in 11 Broughton St, Box Hill.
1936 Electoral Roll Nancy & James Heath were living at 29 Stanhope Gve, Camberwell North.
1937 Electoral Roll Nancy, James & son John James Roberts Heath were living at 29 Stanhope Gve.
1943 Electoral Roll Nancy Heath (widow) & son John J.R.Heath M.D. living at 29 Stanhope Gve.
1949 - 1954 Electoral Roll Nancy Heath was living at 29 Stanhope Gve, Camberwell North.
1957 Nancy Heath died in Hastings, Victoria.

Archibald Lewis Glasson

Archibald Lewis Glasson was born 26 November 1857 in Iping, Sussex, England and died 18 January 1899 in Menzies, Western Australia.  Archibald married Ada Clara Beatrice Langford Smith (1859 - 1937) on 25 October 1879 in New Zealand.  Ada Smith and Matilda Louisa Smith were sisters. Ada's husband Archibald Glasson and Matilda's husband Arthur Glasson were brothers. Matilda was the mother of Doris Moss.

Archibald and Ada Glasson had 4 children.  Thomas Arundel Lewis Glasson born 1880 in New Zealand, Ada Beatrice (Trixie) Glasson born 1882 in New Zealand, Joseph Archibald Henry Glasson born 1885 Deniliquin, New South Wales, and Nyra Marcella Clare Glasson born 1894.

Archibald and Ada had some difficult times. Their young son Joseph died in 1891 and is buried with his Grandparents Henry & Lucy Glasson at Old Cheltenham Cemetery, Melbourne.
Archibald was declared Insolvent - date unknown. It is interesting to note one of the causes was due to his wife's ill health, yet Ada went on to survived her husband by 38 years.

Archibald died 8 November 1899 in Menzies, north of Coolgardie, Western Australia. His occupation was Forwarding Agent. Cause of death: Influenza, acute pneumonia, heart failure. Buried 9 November 1899 at Menzies Cemetery, Western Australia, leaving a young wife with 3 children - Thomas 20 years, Ada 17 years and Nyra 5 years. Ada married  Richard Alfred Swayne (1866-1939) in Kalgoorlie in 1905.
daughter Ada Beatrice Eastmon nee Glasson (known as Trixie)

Ada Beatrice Glasson, born 1882 in New Zealand and died 22 November 1963 in Shenton Park, Perth in 1963. Trixie married Ernest (Jack) Archibald Eastmon (1871 - 1955) on 1 January 1906 in Coolgardie, Western Australia. While living in Western Australia, Trixie made many visits to Melbourne to see the Glasson family.

Together they had 4 children - Desma Beatrix Eastmon (1907 - 1990) in Lawlers, Western Australia, Brenda Mercia Eastmon (1909 - 1996) in Coolgardie, Illma Joyce Eastmon (1911 - 1999) in Coolgardie, Ernest Archibald Eastmon (1912 - 1985) in Coolgardie.

Illma Joyce Eastmon married Cyril Smith and they had 3 boys. The Smith and Olney families  have been associated in a number of ways over many years. 

Doris Olney with Trixie Eastmon. Their mothers were sisters.
Trixie with her daughter Desma Wight & family

Ethelind Nest Craig nee Glasson

Ethelind Nest Glasson was born 1864 in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland and died 12 January 1945 London. Ethelind and William Bannatyne Craig married on 29 September 1885 in New Zealand.

Index of Wills & Administrations 1945.  Craig, Ethelind Nest of Pine Ridge Lodge, Lower Bourne Farnham, Surrey, widowed, died 12 January 1945 at Royal Waterloo Hospital, Waterloo Road, London SE1.  Probate Llandudno 4 July to Manfred Jerome Palmer retired Captain R.N. & Gladys May Shackleton (wife of Rev.Charles Edmond Shackleton). 
Effects 7,723 Pounds, 0 shillings, 1 pence.

Ethelind travelled to & fro from England to Australia very frequently from 1931 - 1938.

Lancelot Owen Glasson

Lancelot Owen Glasson born 25 December 1874 in Christchurch, New Zealand and died 29 April 1943 in Beecroft, New South Wales, Australia. Lancelot married Mary Elizabeth Berry (1875 - 1945) in 1900 Hurstville, New South Wales.
They had 3 children - Violet Hurst Glasson born 1902, Lewis Henry Glasson (1905-1971), Lancelot Gilbert Berry Glasson (1910 - 1960).
A Hymn Book was given to Doris Moss from her cousins Violet and Lewis about 1908.

Lancelot Owen Glasson firstly married Agnes Elliott who died 1896 in Sofala, New South Wales.
Lancelot's brother Amyas Arundel Glasson married Edith Berry (1877-1960) in 1897 in Sofala.
Two brothers (Lancelot & Amyas Glasson) married two sisters (Elizabeth & Edith Berry).

Alleyne William Cecil Glasson

Alleyne William Cecil Glasson was born 16 November 1882 in Christchurch, New Zealand and died 1960 in Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia. Alleyne married Margaret (Maggie) Jessie Stewart (1888 - 1973) in 1912 in Victoria, Australia. Maggie Glasson died 1973 in Cheltenham.

1914-1936 Electoral Roll - Alleyne & Maggie were living at 49 Station St, Camberwell.
1937 Electoral Roll - Alleyne & Maggie were living at 26 Trafalgar Rd, Camberwell.(Draper).
1943 - 1949 Electoral Roll - Alleyne & Maggie were living at 8 Peel St, Kew. (Verger).
1954 Electoral Roll - Allyne & Maggie were living at 25 Monash St, Box Hill.
1968 Electoral Roll - Maggie Glasson (widow) was living at Corner Ave, Tremont with son Tom.

Maggie and Alleyne Glasson

 son Tom Glasson

Alleyne and Maggie had a son, William Thomas (Tom) Glasson, born 7 July 1914 in Middle Park, Melbourne and died 6 February 2003.. 
1934 Tom was a Private with the 17th Light Horse for six months.
1936 Electoral Roll - Tom was living with his parents at 49 Station St, Camberwell.
1937 Electoral Roll - Tom was living with his parents at 26 Trafalgar Rd, Camberwell.
1943 Electoral Roll - Tom & Enid Glasson were living at 25 Monash St, Box Hill.
1954 Electoral Roll - Tom & Enid Glasson & his parents were living at 25 Monash St, Box Hill.
1968 Electoral Roll - Tom and his mother were living at Corner Ave, Tremont.
1977 Electoral Roll - Tom Glasson was living at Corner Ave, Tremont.

Tom Glasson and Keith Olney were great mates and worked at K.L.Ballantyne Warehouse for a number of years in early 1930s. About 1936 while out rabbiting Tom accidently shot Keith in the buttock.
Tom married Enid on 28 July 1939, but they later divorced. His second wife was Betty.
On 9 March 1942 he enlisted for WW11 at Surrey Hills and was discharged 1 October 1945.

William Thomas (Tom) Glasson enlisted in WW11 9 March 1942
Tom Glasson and Keith Olney were mates and served in the Army together. About 1939 while out shooting rabbits Tom accidently shot Keith in the buttock with a pellet lodging near the spine.

  Arthur Evelyn Glasson

Arthur Evelyn Glasson born 1856 in Greenock West, Renfrewshire, Scotland and died 18 January 1892 in Leeston, Canterbury, New Zealand. Arthur Glasson and Matilda Louisa Smith married 5 February 1880 in St Johns, Leeston, New Zealand. 
Glasson - Smith:  On February 5th, at St John's Leeston, by the Rev.Walter Harper, Arthur Evelyn, second son of Rev.H.Glasson, late of Cornwall, England to Matilda Louisa, second daughter of Mr.Henry Smith, of Doyleston, late of Rathmore, Tasmania.

Together they had 3 children: Leonard Arthur Glasson (born 1881) in Christchurch, Winifred Lucy Glasson (born 1883) in Christchurch and Lionel Evelyn Glasson (born 1885) in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I am still to discover what happened to the three Glasson children after their mother Matilda   married Clement Moss in 1894. Doris was born 1896 in Nelson, New Zealand. Claude was born 1898 in Adelaide, Australia and Matilda died in Adelaide in 1898. When and why did Clement and Matilda go to Adelaide?

son Leonard Arthur Glasson

Leonard Arthur Glasson (1881-1963) married Myrtle Jessie Waghorn (1889-1972) 27 November 1912 in Claremont, Perth, Western Australia.  Leonard and Myrtle spent the early years of married life in Perth, and were living in Melbourne from at least 1931.
Together they had 4 children: Edgar Leonard Glasson born 1914, Joyce Marion Glasson, Joan Olive Glasson and Jessie Winifred Glasson.
Leonard died 9 August 1963 and Myrtle 1 November 1972.  Both were cremated at Springvale Crematorium.  Their ashes were collected by L.T.F.Flattery.
daughter Winifred Lucy Glasson

Winifred Lucy Glasson (1883 - 1970) married John Addy (1882 - 1972) 23 February 1914 in England. They had 3 children - Alleyne John Addy (1917 - 1994), Robert F.Addy (1919 - 1993) and Catherine Addy.

By special dispensation of the Lord Bishop of London, the marriage took place on the Vigil of St. Matthias on 23rd February 1914 of John Addy, Assistant Priest of St.Clement's Notting Hill, son of the late Robert Addy of Lougall, County Armagh, and 5th Dragoon Guards, and the nephew and Ward of the late Colonel J.Addy, 5th Lancers, to Winifred Lucy Glasson, only daughter of the late Arthur Evelyn Glasson of Christchurch, New Zealand, of Horley, Surrey.  The ceremony was performed by the Lord Bishop of Stepney assisted by the Vicar of St.Clements, the Rev.F.W.Pakenham Gilbert.

It seems that Winifred was sent to family in England in 1901. In the 1911 Census Winifred was living with two great aunts, both spinsters. In 1927 Winifred received Probate from one of her great aunts for herself, her husband and the aunts banker for over 19,000 Pounds.  That was a lot of money in those days.

son Lionel Evelyn Glasson

Lionel Evelyn Glasson was born 5 October 1885 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Lionel married Elsie Mary Hume (1885 - 1916) on 16 December 1909 in 61 Hope Street, Spotswood. They had no children and I have not been able to trace Lionel any further.

Summing up:
I have concluded that after Matilda Moss died in 1898, Doris was taken into the family of Rev.Henry & Lucy Glasson. They were living in Gundy, Sofala & Hill End in New South Wales, before coming to Box Hill and Brighton Beach in Victoria. Doris had a brief time in Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne 1903 - 1904.

It is evident that Doris had a continuing contact with the Glassons, the family of her mother's first husband, Arthur Glasson, so not blood relatives. "Narnie"(Lucy Maud Mary Glasson), Aunt Gweny (Gwendolyne Nona Robertson) and Aunt Gladys (Gladys Sybil Hubbard/Gorrie) were quite involved in her upbringing. Doris grew up with their children. Arthur Glasson's brothers Alleyne, Archibald & Lancelot and their families also embraced Doris as "one of the family". Doris' step-brother Leonard Glasson and his family also lived nearby.

This connection was given limited appreciation to her children. It had not been communicated or understood just how the Glasson family were "related" until now.

It is interesting to note that Doris' father Clement Moss went to England and started a new family, leaving young Doris and Claude behind to be brought up by other family members. In 2014 when contacting Clement's daughters, they did not know they had half-siblings in Australia and New Zealand. They were thrilled to learn of their extended family.

Claude was brought up by his Uncle Valentine in New Zealand. Between 1950 and 1978 Claude lived in England. In 2014 when making contact with Claude's grand-daughter in New Zealand, she did not know Claude's birth mother Matilda had died when he was just 10 weeks old, let alone knowing he had a sister Doris, 3 older half-siblings born in New Zealand and 4 younger half-siblings born in England.

Still many questions to be answered, but we have discovered so much this year! This blog has tried to bring this new information into some sense of understanding that needed to be shared with those interested.

If you have anything to add, correct or comment on please email Joy on -

Also refer to "Doris Moss, Napolean and St Helena", and "Doris Moss, Convicts and Norfolk Island". My "Solomon/Moss Family Archives Blog" gives a 2016 update and photos of my visit to England with my son Darren and how we meet Doris Moss' half sisters and other members of the family.

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